Hello Sunday

Happy Sunday,
There is not much to report this Sunday morning.  So this is going to be a rather short compilation of current news and articles.
There may not be a lot of news in the media, but here is a report I am very happy to add.  Marcia Thom Kaley who, along with others, is tirelessly working in ADDMISSIONS, making a lot of phone calls to recruit new students and to ask current students to return has this to report –

“Happy to Provide a brief summary:

Dearest All – As of now – the count is at 154 returning students [157 as of 9:30 this morning which does not include first years].  I am very happy to report that the numbers are good – the excitement is in the air.  I manned (?) the phones for 6 hours on Friday and will be back at it on Monday along with many of my faculty colleagues.   We are VERY much on the minds of young America.   In addition to the Returning Students – we have approximately 20 already applying for the first year class (2019) and I have fielded requests for 2020 as well!
ALL IS GREAT in Admissions!
The Faculty Executive Committee Transition Representatives (7) met with President Stone on Friday and I can tell you – love is in the air!  We have MUCH hard work to do – but, it is so remarkably amazing, that 4 months to the date after our announced closure – we meet with the President we have dreamed about for many years.
If you are getting the gist that there is much happiness in Amherst – YOU WOULD BE CORRECT!
We are down approximately 30-40% in the faculty – however – more are returning daily.   There is still a lot of confusion on campus with regard to who is hired back, when they are hired back, who is on hold, benefits, etc.  Phil is the person who needs fruit baskets, flowers, letters and emails of support.  He has really taken on an enormous task.  MUCH damage was done by the “other” side and there are still some remnants left……However, It seems that the “Kool Aid” of despair and pessimism that was shared some four months ago – is in full reversal!
What a wonderful thing that I cannot think of one negative thing to say.  This Southern gal has never shied from hard work – nor have the vast majority of the staff nor faculty – ready for work Papa Phil – Let’s go!!”
Ok, Sweet Briar alumna, fellow Vixens, we still need to keep up tweeting to
#mytopcollege @sweetbriaredu
Add something really great about Sweet Briar and send it.  Adding a photo is encouraged.
NO RE-TWEETS! They won’t count.
NEWS – actually not really news, but articles that I may have overlooked in the past few days.
Interesting – overnight soccer camp at Sweet Briar from July 5 through 8
Sweet Briar’s new President starts work
Sweet Briar to continue functioning under new leadership
New President at Women’s College saved from Brink of Closure
New Leadership Stepping in at Sweet Briar
Saving Sweet Briar makes Good and Better on Rescue Plan
OP/ED  Alumnae show value of women’s college
Sweet Briar College, one of the few all female colleges continues to stay open
Hybrid Program – Degree on their own time
The last women’s college in New Jersey going coed
Transferring is newest trend in Women’s college basketball
Retaining women and minorities at STEM companies
AAUW fuels girls learning interest
Tech Trek teaches girls about STEM at Simpson College
Gender Gap in STEM fields a product of cultural norm, may be combatted through University Research Initiative
More local students gain early experience in STEM jobs
Student led community garden launches new composting system – (something to look into for Sweet Briar)
30 year old study finds organic farming  outperforms conventional farming (something Sweet Briar might want to look into)
Economics for Anthropocene Students Dive into Lake Champlain (something for Sweet Briar might want to look into)
Our fellow alumna, Kim Cool, who is working on coffee book still needs your help.  Please send high quality photos AND comments of Sweet Briar, its history, and the events of the past months. Thanks
Submitted by Kim Cool


It still will be 80 pages including index, full color, glossy paper and landscape format 9 by 12 inches with a $25 retail price.

As Sweet Briar is what it is because of its faculty staff and students, and also was saved because of those groups coming together and led by the Vixen spirit
 I want the book to be representative of the Saving Sweet Briar group…..my wonderful new friends of all ages and so many various classes from 1950s to 2015, faculty members and staff….It still will be a history of the college with photos but it will be so much better with input from more people and pictures from all the various factions and maybe even some historic photos……
and certainly a photo of our wonderful new president and some of those terrific Vixens who led the charge these past few months because without them there would be no need for this book

The more participants the better. Send high resolution color photos and comments or special memories or whatever else one deems needs to be told to:
Thank you one and all for all your help. Books are my business but this will be a labor of love with the proceeds going to SBC 

From Lindsay Webster – Thanks to all who have ordered through my Initial Outfitters Fundraiser so far! The first order has been closed and I have started a new one. This one will run until 7/15 and, as always, 100% will be donated to SSB.

You can choose to have the order shipped directly to you for $10 or it can come to me first for $3.99 and I will get it out to you.

Message me for help with font and thread colors. Keep shopping and enjoy!



Posted by Dorothy Lear Mooney

Show your support and buy one of these handmade 1901  bracelets.  Proceeds will benefit SSB



Don’t forget the VICTORY luncheon for Sweet Briar Alumnae in the Tampa Bay area and Central Florida on July 12 at 12 noon.  Organized by Christine Ans

Columbia Restaurant

2117 East 7th Avenue

Tampa, FL


RSVP 813 368 2699 or ubahfla@yahoo.com

Submitted by Mandi Ryan Samford

We have the ALUMNA version of the SBC crest/seal posted! Available in both hoodie or tee style in pink, green or black, it features custom artwork by the talented Bryca Brewer ’10! Proceeds to benefit SSB!

ORDER HERE: http://teespring.com/sweetbriar-seal

This campaign ends July 19, 2015


Posted by Jennifer Frost Holden

My friend and colleague, Laura Lenhert, is working on pottery again, so those of you who were interested may now contact her and place your orders. What a great way to commemorate 7/2/15! She can duplicate what she so graciously created for me, or, you can send her a photo of what you would like, and she can do that for you. I have had her do fraternity/sorority houses for my kids, houses, and even my daughter’s bridal bouquet as a wedding gift. She can also personalize on the back. Laura will make a contribution to SSB at a later date based on the number of orders that either reference my name, or SSB. I encourage you to reach out to Laura:
email Laura: potterybylaura@yahoo.com

website: www.potterybylaura.com

Platters (like below): $50
Square platters: $45
Round Ornaments: $15

Hello Sunday

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