July 8, 2015
It’s Wednesday. Have a great day!

for the $6 Million – August 1 deadline
DONATIONS TO: Saving Sweet Briar
Student Intent to Return To Sweet Briar College Form:
We look forward to welcoming you back to Sweet Briar! To express your interest in returning or to ask questions about re-enrollment, please complete this brief form. Once we receive your form, we will be in touch to discuss financial aid, course registration, housing and more. Completing this form does not obligate you to attend SBC; it only serves to notify us of your interest.


Submitted by Marcia Thom Kaley

Andrew Benjamin

Thomas Neel Connors

Alice Dixon

William B. Drake, Jr.

James P. Fabiani

Marianne “Mimi” C. Fahs

Kelley M. Fitzpatrick

Garry L. Friend

Martha Fruehauf

Everett “Ben” Howerton, Jr

Mary Pope Hutson

Charles C. Krulak – Vice Chair

James “Rocky” Query

Teresa Pike Tomlinson – Chairwoman

Georgene Vairo – Secretary

CeCelia Valentine

Elinor Warner

Jax Bullet – 2015

Marcia Thom-Kaley

— Jessie Pounds


A note from Michael Carr on Dan Gottlieb

If I may say, or I just will, dan has not just conducted the research which was the cornerstone to many arguments, but also displayed an enormous amount of character and courage. Had SSB lost, a job was not only on the line but a career. He put the whole stack of chips in. The cases he made (with Jay Orsi) were like the basf commercials. they may not have made the final product, but they made what was in the product).



Submitted by Jo Ann Kramer

Sweet Briar board elects officers

Tomlinson tapped as chair of Sweet Briar Colleges new Boar of Directors

Sweet Briar names new Board, new President, and new Chair – Teresa Tomlinson

Sweet Briar’s new board holds first meeting, elects officers

News minute – Here’s the latest news from the Associated Press

Sweet Briar’s new board holds first meeting, elects officers

New Sweet Briar board holds meeting, elects officers

Sweet Briar board holds meeting and elects slate of officers–Sweet-Briar-College-Closure

Sweet Briar board hold meeting and elects new officers

New Archaeological Lab dusts off history at Sandusky (class with Lynchburg and Sweet Briar students)


A Vixen Says Moo

Submitted by Deirdre Conley
More on SBC board member Gen. Krulak

Submitted by Deirdre Conley
How NASA broke the gender barrier in STEM

Submitted by Lee Anne Chaskes
Kids of Helicopter Parents are Sputtering Out

Submitted by Yolanda Reid
16 Women founders making moves in tech

Submitted by Carrie Speck
Best Equestrian colleges

Submitted by Karen Metson Wallace
The lessons of the megalomaniac university president

Submitted by Caitlin Daniel
Sweet Briar College on Pinterest


A collection of images of Sweet Briar College over the year and of the recent clash between the school officials and students, faculty, alumnae, and staff over there planned closure


Women vs. Women in Education

Pursuing Opportunity: Women in Higher Education

Women in higher education leadership

11 TED talks by brilliant women in STEM

Women in STEM – Why we need all hands on deck

Women in STEM carriers


Our fellow alumna, Kim Cool, who is working on coffee book still needs your help. Please send high quality photos AND comments of Sweet Briar, its history, and the events of the past months. Thanks


From Elena Quevedo

Wow! We have raised $800,000 so far on our way to our $1 million dollar goal, all thanks to the leadership gift of Alice Cary Brown, ’59. Join us today. Get your pledge or donation in right away to support the tremendous work going on at the new Sweet Briar College.

From Amy Campbell

Help, please. ’97 would like to raffle off some of our cow tag stash – either as a straight raffle (buy tickets, where ticket $ = donation) or a hybrid, where donation receipts earn you a raffle ticket. My Judge Judy/Law & Order law degree isn’t going to cut it. Can an actual lawyer please help us determine a legit way to do this? Thanks in advance.…/Charitable%20Gaming%20Regul…


Silent Auction:
ONE OF A KIND handmade purse in classic Sweet Briar colors and representing the Sweet Briar Vixen.
The winner will be notified Wednesday (7/8) evening.
The proceeds from the auction will benefit Saving Sweet Briar.

Bid Now

4 Days Left:
The 1901 Bracelet
Handmade in the USA

Show your continued support of Sweet Briar College with the perfect summer accessory: The 1901 Turks Head Bracelet.

Handmade in the United States, this bracelet measures 1 1/4 inches wide and is made from a high quality cotton.

Fits most average sized wrists (6-7 inches)
Benefits Saving Sweet Briar
Free Shipping

Copyright © 2015 HSC for SBC, All rights reserved.
Shop for Sweet Briar – Sponsored by HSC for SBC

Our mailing address is:

3432 Piedmont Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

100% proceeds will be donated to SSB: Initial Outfitters
Lindsay Webster – Thanks to all who have ordered through my Initial Outfitters Fundraiser so far! The first order has been closed and I have started a new one. This one will run until 7/15 and, as always, 100% will be donated to SSB.

You can choose to have the order shipped directly to you for $10 or it can come to me first for $3.99 and I will get it out to you.

Message me for help with font and thread colors. Keep shopping and enjoy!


Posted by Dorothy Lear Mooney

Show your support and buy one of these handmade 1901 bracelets. Proceeds will benefit SSB


Don’t forget the VICTORY luncheon for Sweet Briar Alumnae in Tampa Bay/Central FL:

Tampa Bay area and Central Florida Luncheon
July 12
12 noon
Columbia Restaurant
2117 East 7th Avenue
Tampa, FL
Organized by Christine Ans

RSVP 813 368 2699 or or


Submitted by Mandi Ryan Samford
We have the ALUMNA version of the SBC crest/seal posted! Available in both hoodie or tee style in pink, green or black, it features custom artwork by the talented Bryca Brewer ’10! Proceeds to benefit SSB!


This campaign ends July 19, 2015


T-shirt campaign ends Thursday

“Where the impossible is just another problem to solve” T-Shirt:

Front: Sweet Briar College

Back : “Where the impossible is just another problem to solve”

100% of proceeds go to SSB.
Website, only the merchandise that has the verified charity sticker are being directly donated to SSB, (just an FYI).

New t-shirt campaign ends July 18


Posted by Jennifer Frost Holden
My friend and colleague, Laura Lenhert, is working on pottery again, so those of you who were interested may now contact her and place your orders. What a great way to commemorate 7/2/15! She can duplicate what she so graciously created for me, or, you can send her a photo of what you would like, and she can do that for you. I have had her do fraternity/sorority houses for my kids, houses, and even my daughter’s bridal bouquet as a wedding gift. She can also personalize on the back. Laura will make a contribution to SSB at a later date based on the number of orders that either reference my name, or SSB. I encourage you to reach out to Laura:
email Laura:


Platters (like below): $50
Square platters: $45
Round Ornaments: $15


Calling all former Vixen ATHLETES!!! As part of 2.0 work – I am leading an effort to reach out to anyone that played a varsity sport(s) at Sweet Briar. We are looking to continue to collect history, photos, memories of your experiences as a student athlete. As well as try and engage you in the future of athletics at Sweet Briar through volunteering your skills in multiple areas. Please PM me or e-mail me with your info and interest in helping join our Vixen Alumnae Athletics team!!
Holla Holla,
Cathy Cummings Krolczyk’95



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