Vixen Watch for Thursday, July 9, 2015

July 9, 2015
Happy Thursday – the weekend is coming closer

You can now find VIXEN WATCH on Facebook as its own page, which will be much easier to find news links and articles at once.

Please convert your pledges into donations. We still need to collect $7 Million by September 1. The sooner we can do this, the better. And please make checks out to Saving Sweet Briar.
If you have any questions or forgot how much you actually pledged please call Elizabeth Smith at the Saving Sweet Briar campaign office in Atlanta at 404 832 9210


Please go to
for more information on the board members

From Deirdre Conley
There is already a schedule for moving in and activities for the first days back at campus – check it out at

And I just heard from Marcia Thom Khaley who reports ” that the number are looking very good” on returning and new students. “Since John Morrissey is BACK – they are climbing – we are ALL very encouraged and excited! ”


The Junior Year Abroad has been on the minds of many alumnae. Here is a statement made by Teresa Tomlinson who posted this on a Facebook thread

“All – Thank you so much for tagging me on this. Please know that because of the timing of the court order allowing the former SBC Administration to transfer our JYA program to Hollins, the program is literally underway now. We could not pull it back for this academic year, but at our Monday board meeting, the board formerly instructed President Stone to recall the JYA program under the terms of the court entered agreement. The program will revert to Sweet Briar for the next academic year. We are working now to see if we can continue having the Sweet Briar moniker on the program with Hollins for this year, then back full fledge next year.”


Sweet Briar sisters from Shipman determined to stay Vixens forever.

Sweet Briar’s new board holds first meeting, elects officers


Submitted by Evangeline Taylor
Sweet Briar STEMS are Worth Saving
by Evangeline Taylor’00 and Susan Schmidt’71

July edition of ‘Women in Higher Education’, starts on page 6.

[Figures 5 and 6- data compiled for this article by Dawn Grobe, SBC’98, Psychology Major with Education certificate. The STEM majors included in Figure 6 include: BIOC, BIOL, CHEM, CSCI, ENGR, ENMG, ENSC, ENVR, MACS, MAEC, MAPH, MATH, PHYS. Psychology was not included.]
From Mary Richie McGuire
The Wrong Solution For STEM Education


From Deirdre Conley
Interesting talk on women entrepreneurs for survival in conflict zones
TED Talks: “We aim low and we think small when it comes to women. It is time for us to aim higher”


From Deirdre Conley
From 2013
Not just Sweet Briar…..
For freshmen entering school in 2012, the average “tuition discount rate” – the amount of grant and scholarship money given by schools toward tuition – was 45%, an all-time high, according to a survey of 383 private, non-profit four-year colleges released Monday by the National Association of College and University Business Officers (NACUBO). At least one school is eschewing the coupon model in favor of a single, set price. Requests to match merit aid from other schools used to be common at the University of the South in Sewanee, Tenn., said John McCardell, the school’s vice chancellor. Two years ago the school changed its approach, cutting tuition by 10%, locking in a four-year price for incoming students, and ending the practice of negotiating academic scholarships. Those negotiations, McCardell said, “put us in an uncomfortable position where we would wonder if we were simply being used to get a better deal from the place up the road.

From Jill Fahy
Carnegie Museum update given to African American chamber members – check out her take on transparency

From Lu Ann Hunt
A page on Sweet Briar in the Lynchburg Living on page 146


From Diane Hays Doss
From the archives concerning women’s colleges
How a Women’s College Helped me Find my Voice

Five females first in higher education leadership

Women Scientists Selected For Career Advancement Scheme

Students tell of STEM sexism at Bristol

Feds spend nearly $300,000 to make College Engineering more ‘inclusive’

Misconception discourages girls from studying STEM fields, FSU study finds.

Looking for a college with lots of opportunities? The school’s location really does matter

Donor supports higher education for women


From Deirdre Conley
The Untold Story behind Sweet Briar’s Financial Problems by Ed Policy Group



Japan’s Fox Village – so many foxes



Just a reminder – this is a very easy way to contribute to Saving Sweet Briar – sign up with Amazon Smiles and 0.5% will go to Saving Sweet Briar

From Sarah Reidy

Don’t forget to tell all your friends in ATLANTA that the most delectable fundraiser is happening today, Thursday 7/9 from 7:00 am to 9:00 PM…. Shop & Support Saving Sweet Briar !

Proceeds of the day will go to Saving Sweet Briar. It is not to late to get your chocolates! GO!!!!!


Customized Coolers by Genny Kelley- 10% of proceeds go to Saving Sweet Briar

Buy your note cards, prints, gift cards designed by Katherine Orr and help save Sweet Briar.

A great idea from Amy Campbell and the class of ’97 Buy a commemorative key and tag for a student and for each key you purchase you have a chance to win cow tag 154.!/Commemorative-Key-&-Message-for-Student-s/p/51990525/category=13035041#!/Commemorative-Key-&-Message-for-Student-s/p/51990525/category=13035041

Our fellow alumna, Kim Cool, who is working on coffee book still needs your help. Please send high quality photos AND comments of Sweet Briar, its history, and the events of the past months. Thanks


From Amy Campbell
Help, please. ’97 would like to raffle off some of our cow tag stash – either as a straight raffle (buy tickets, where ticket $ = donation) or a hybrid, where donation receipts earn you a raffle ticket. My Judge Judy/Law & Order law degree isn’t going to cut it. Can an actual lawyer please help us determine a legit way to do this? Thanks in advance.…/Charitable%20Gaming%20Regul…
4 Days Left:
The 1901 Bracelet
Handmade in the USA

Show your continued support of Sweet Briar College with the perfect summer accessory: The 1901 Turks Head Bracelet.

Handmade in the United States, this bracelet measures 1 1/4 inches wide and is made from a high quality cotton.

Fits most average sized wrists (6-7 inches)
Benefits Saving Sweet Briar
Free Shipping

Shop for Sweet Briar – Sponsored by HSC for SBC

Our mailing address is:

3432 Piedmont Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

100% proceeds will be donated to SSB: Initial Outfitters
Lindsay Webster – Thanks to all who have ordered through my Initial Outfitters Fundraiser so far! The first order has been closed and I have started a new one. This one will run until 7/15 and, as always, 100% will be donated to SSB.

You can choose to have the order shipped directly to you for $10 or it can come to me first for $3.99 and I will get it out to you.

Message me for help with font and thread colors. Keep shopping and enjoy!


Posted by Dorothy Lear Mooney

Show your support and buy one of these handmade 1901 bracelets. Proceeds will benefit SSB


Don’t forget the VICTORY luncheon for Sweet Briar Alumnae in Tampa Bay/Central FL:

Tampa Bay area and Central Florida Luncheon
July 12
12 noon
Columbia Restaurant
2117 East 7th Avenue
Tampa, FL
Organized by Christine Ans

RSVP 813 368 2699 or or


From Mandi Ryan Samford
We have the ALUMNA version of the SBC crest/seal posted! Available in both hoodie or tee style in pink, green or black, it features custom artwork by the talented Bryca Brewer ’10! Proceeds to benefit SSB!


This campaign ends July 19, 2015


T-shirt campaign ends Thursday

“Where the impossible is just another problem to solve” T-Shirt:

Front: Sweet Briar College

Back : “Where the impossible is just another problem to solve”

100% of proceeds go to SSB.
Website, only the merchandise that has the verified charity sticker are being directly donated to SSB, (just an FYI).

New t-shirt campaign ends July 18


Posted by Jennifer Frost Holden
My friend and colleague, Laura Lenhert, is working on pottery again, so those of you who were interested may now contact her and place your orders. What a great way to commemorate 7/2/15! She can duplicate what she so graciously created for me, or, you can send her a photo of what you would like, and she can do that for you. I have had her do fraternity/sorority houses for my kids, houses, and even my daughter’s bridal bouquet as a wedding gift. She can also personalize on the back. Laura will make a contribution to SSB at a later date based on the number of orders that either reference my name, or SSB. I encourage you to reach out to Laura:
email Laura:


Platters (like below): $50
Square platters: $45
Round Ornaments: $15

Calling all former Vixen ATHLETES!!! As part of 2.0 work – I am leading an effort to reach out to anyone that played a varsity sport(s) at Sweet Briar. We are looking to continue to collect history, photos, memories of your experiences as a student athlete. As well as try and engage you in the future of athletics at Sweet Briar through volunteering your skills in multiple areas.

Please PM me or e-mail me

with your info and interest in helping join our Vixen Alumnae Athletics team!!
Holla Holla,
Cathy Cummings Krolczyk’95

Vixen Watch for Thursday, July 9, 2015

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