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There’s not a lot of new today, but still some information you might find useful.





And please make checks out to Saving Sweet Briar.

If you have any questions or forgot how much you actually pledged please call Elizabeth Smith at the Saving Sweet Briar campaign office in Atlanta at  (404) 832 – 9210

For more information on donating please go to


Check out WWW.SBC.EDU and WWW.SBC2POINT0.ORG for Sweet Briar information


HTTP://WWW.SBC.EDU/NEWS for the latest Sweet Briar news.


Check out HTTP://SBC.EDU/ACADEMICS/SWEET-INFORMATION for course selection, programs, professors and more.



Sweet Briar

The Sweet Briar French Club has a Facebook page.  Check it out

A message from Saving Sweet Briar

Saving Sweet Briar, Inc., the nonprofit group formed to save Sweet Briar College, announced it has delivered $3.5 million to Sweet Briar College as required as part of the settlement agreement to keep the college open. The completed payment was once again delivered ahead of the due date, August 2, and brings the total amount paid to the school to $8.5 million. The final payment amount that the non-profit must deliver by September 2 is $3.5 million.

“We are pleased that Saving Sweet Briar has not only reached its second fundraising milestone, but again completed the payment ahead of schedule,” said Sarah Clement, Chair of Saving Sweet Briar (Sweet Briar College, AB 1975; Columbia University, MA 1977; University of Virginia School of Law, JD 1984). “We hope to reach our third and final milestone under the agreement ahead of schedule as well. Our donors have been converting their pledges to save our college at a rapid pace, and we are confident they will continue to rally to get us across the finish line in style, ahead of schedule.”

In advance of the next milestone, the non-profit encouraged supporters to continue the momentum and convert pledges into donations, noting what has already been accomplished, and the many exciting milestones ahead. The college recently announced nearly 300 students are enrolled for next year, with Convocation taking place on August 26, the first day of classes on August 27, and Founders’ Day Weekend on September 25-26. Sweet Briar also announced the continuation of several key programs, including the Junior Year Abroad program, riding program and engineering program.

“In 146 days, we have raised millions and kept the doors of Sweet Briar open, and proved, as President Stone has said, that at Sweet Briar the impossible is just another problem to solve,” said Clement. “I encourage alumnae and supporters to devote themselves fully to converting pledges, accelerating a future gift or even making another gift as we approach our next milestone and the start of not only a new school year, but a new and bright era for Sweet Briar College.”

There are multiple ways for alumnae to convert pledges or make new gifts, including through checks and online donations. Additionally, supporters can accelerate pledge amounts by paying all or most of the total pledge in the next few weeks. Full details on converting pledges and giving can be found at


From Teresa Tomlinson

Everyone: Look at this awesome page. Post the reason you went to Sweet Briar. Show stakeholders the impact of their investment.


Students and potential SBC students:

There are 3 different kinds of forms available to fill out for SBC Admissions:
1- Student Intent to Return To Sweet Briar College Form:

* all financial aid received in 2014-2015 will be honored
2 – Students previously admitted for the fall of 2015
3 – New students interested in applying for the fall of 2015

(including scholarships applications. Letter of recommendation needed & personal statement required)

Please share this with any other returning, new, or prospective students.  Thank you

Liberal Arts

Myth – a liberal arts education is becoming irrelevant

Why getting a liberal arts education is not a mistake

A liberal arts degree – smart move


VVC celebrates year of STEM success

Special program at Bridgewater State seeks to get more girls interested in science and technology careers

Central Florida companies eye STEM schooling for future staff

GOOGLE donates $1 million to Aussie STEM students,google-donates-1m-to-aussie-stem-students.aspx


Kansas University get $2 million grant to help recruit, support migrant students

College Access Challenge Grant Program

Liberal arts and STEM – frienemies of the state


Fareed Zakaria – STEM and Liberal Arts were a power couple



Now is a good time to write op-ed’s to different news papers to keep Sweet Briar in the spotlight .  Here is a great list of newspapers and their submission information.  GO!



President Jones has left Sweet Briar house and the new Sweet Briar President Stone will move in within the next few days.

DJ Stanhope has posted the following on Facebook

“Would others join me in flooding Mrs. Stone” s mailbox with notes of welcome? Please send to:

Mrs. Cherrill Stone, Sweet Briar House, Sweet Briar VA 24595.

Let’s show some of the grace and warmth for which SBC has been noted!”



Sweet Work Days: Volunteering at Sweet Briar College



August 3-7

Week two of volunteering will focus on central campus. Lots of painting, landscaping, and weeding.

For Week 2 sign up here:



August 10-14

Week three of volunteering will focus on The Barn, The Boat House, and The Art Barn – painting, cleaning, sewing, and easy upholstery.

For WEEK 3 sign up here:

-For those with professional skills, please mention in task area



I know that there are plenty of Vixens out there with a lot of creativity.  Here is your chance to show your talent.

YouTube Recruitment Video Contest

– from Dan Gottlieb –

Hello, all. In the service of helping recruit students, I am holding a video competition.

Contest Rules:

  1. The task is to create your own YouTube recruitment videos. Find a way to tell people why they should come to Sweet Briar this fall.
  1. A FB page is set up to post videos:  Please also post links to videos on my wall (and anywhere else you’d like, of course).
  1. The winner will be the person whose video has generated the most hits by 11:59 pm on 7/31.

First prize is an original short piece (around 1-2 min) composed for you by former-but-hopefully-also-future Sweet Briar music professor and contemporary classical composer Josh Harris. For those who don’t know him, Josh is an excellent composer. My secret hope is that by keeping Sweet Briar on his mind, he will find his way back. I guess the hope isn’t secret anymore.

Fine print:  Winning video must be determined to fill the mission of the contest. If there is dispute, a panel will be convened in total opacity to pass judgment. Prize will take time to create (most likely 6-12 months). This is grassroots and not an official contest of Sweet Briar College, which has no role in this. Please no padding your hits.

Contest entries to date (in reverse order received):

  1. Fight For Sweet Briar –
  2. We Are Sweet Briar College –
  3. Sweet Briar College Saving Sweet Briar Fight Song –

(starts with 880 views)

Non-contest videos:

John Ashbrook –


And for those who are better in writing than video taping – another contest from Claudia Chang

News Paper Competition: Why I choose Sweet Briar Competition

from Claudia Chang-

In order to get first-year and transfer students to consider Sweet Briar College, I am holding a newspaper article competition (this idea came from Glenn Stone and Dan Gottlieb). Please write about our own personal experiences, what makes SBC such a great college for women, why a young person would want to consider us for the fall semester of 2015, or another idea (riding, major, sports, land, etc) to recruit students. [side note – might be good but not necessary to mention that Sweet Briar will remain open forever so that people realize it, and/or perhaps something about admissions is currently accepting applications.]

Competition ends August 15.

  1. The task is to write an article, opinion piece, or letter to the editor. Most opinion pieces and letters to the editors are 300 words or less. Find a way to tell people why they should come to Sweet Briar this fall.
  2. Submit your letter and get it printed in your newspaper.
  3. Please post links to your newspaper article on the ‘you went to Sweet Briar’ FB page, and please ‘type in’ the names of Claudia Chang and Kim Cool in your post so that will see the article.
  4. Competition ends August 15.
  5. The winners will be chosen by Claudia, Kim, and other guest judges after August 15. Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place are IKAT scarves from Central Asia. These are hand-woven scarves – these will be sent by Claudia Chang who is completing research there this fall.

Fine print:  Winning letters must be determined to fill the mission of the contest. This is grassroots and not an official contest of Sweet Briar College, which has no role in this.



The Sweet Briar Alumnae Association

would like to honor our new leadership and welcome Mrs Cherrill Stone, President Stone’s

wife, and make her an honorary vixen…

The plans include a Sweet Briar charm and Spa certificate to be presented in late September.

If interested in making a donation please contact Amy via email or pm



If you have a fundraiser that has not yet been published on this page please reply to this email or PM me on the VIXEN WATCH Facebook page.  Please make sure you have  proper contact info, also for people who are not on Facebook. And don’t forget to add the last day of the campaign. Thank you.


Just a reminder – this is a very easy way to contribute to Saving Sweet Briar – sign up with Amazon Smiles and 0.5% will go to Saving Sweet Briar


Lots of Back to School Events


Sweet Briar College Alumnae Association

Let’s send new and returning VIxens back to campus with lots of love and good wishes!

Club Presidents are asked to contact Cady Thomas, Regional Chair, to coordinate a local Back To School event! Cady and team, in conjunction with Admissions, will help in determining which local students are new or returning.

Email invitations, contact lists, and technical help are available for a speedy ramp-up!

Are you part of a new local or regional group formed since March 3rd and want to continue as an official part of the SBC Alumnae Network? Join us for this nationwide campaign of Sweet Briar spirit on August 16th!

Send an email to to get started!


Nantucket Gathering


Sunday, August 9 at 6pm

Calling all SBC visitors to Nantucket, if you are on island for this time, please contact us at 917 576 2586 and come!!
Message me if you for more info!
Mary Cowell Sharpe class of 1979


The Alumnae Club of Connecticut is hosting a Back To School Event

Sunday, August 9th at 1:00 PM


Plaza Azteca Newington

3260 Berlin Tpke,

Newington, Connecticut 06111

Calling all alumnae, current students, prospective students, parents, and friends!

Please join us for a Back to School event celebrating the saving of Sweet Briar College and the beginning of the Fall Semester!

Come enjoy some music from a live Mariachi band while getting to know your fellow Sweet Briar sisters and answering questions from young women who are interested in joining the sisterhood that is Sweet Briar in an informal setting.

Please RSVP by Wednesday, August 5th at

*If you know of anyone who may be interested in attending Sweet Briar in the coming years, please invite them to join us.



Rivanna Run Hunter Show Series will be hosting a show on Sunday August 16th in Earlysville, VA and the proceeds will be donated to Saving Sweet Briar. As well, our director extrodinaire, Mimi Wroten will be judging. You can find the prize list here:




RSVP 415 218 3021




RSVP 940 632 9828


Discover the artist in you and paint Sweet Briar House “Fun”draiser

Sign up for Richmond’s next Saving Sweet Briar “Fun”draiser on

Sunday, August 16 from 2 to 4pm at the Richmond Wine and Design location

Only 25 slots left!!

Connect with your  Sweet Briar sisters and friends while creating your own painting of Sweet Briar House!


Cost is $45, with proceeds going to Saving Sweet Briar.

You may bring your own wine, but all food must be purchased from Wine and Design.

 Alumnae from other regions, family and friends are welcome — the more the merrier!

 The maximum for the event is 60, so be sure to register soon!  Register using the link below.  

When registering for this class, please click on the BLUE BUTTON on the left and complete the Registration form:

When:  Sunday, August 16, 2015

When:  2-4pm

Where:  Wine and Design – Richmond

2707 West Broad Street | Richmond, VA 23220

Phone: 804-359-9149

Questions:  Contact organizer, Katie Niemeier at

Submitted by Edie McRee Bowles


New York City, NY

Attention all current Sweet Briar students, parents of students, alumnae, and friends in the NYC area:

The Sweet Briar College Alumnae Club of NYC cordially invites you to our

Back to School Picnic

Sunday Aug 16th at 3:00-6:00pm


Pier 63 on the Hudson River

between 23rd and 24th streets.

Please rsvp to Sara Buttine Parsatoon –


Support Sweet Briar with The Beach Boys



Virginia Historical Society Conference

Doing Local History:  Surviving the Presence, Planning for the Future

Saturday, September 12 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Cost:  $25 per person

For more information please go to





Saturday, October 10 from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Chicago Yacht Club

400 E Monroe St.

Chicago, Ill 60603

(312) 861 7777

Please join us in welcoming our new President, Phillip Stone, to Sweet Briar and celebrating our next 114 years! Donations of $45 per person/$80 per couple, made payable to Sweet Briar College, are suggested.


Get yours while they last!!!!


Beautiful framed and matted 8″x 10″ print of the Refectory by Sweet Briar’s own French Impressionist,

Jill Steenhuis

Only $30



Contact Ellen Weintraub to order


Winter is coming – get your pink and green infinity scarves – a portion of the proceeds will benefit Sweet Briar



Sweet Briar Swag with the traditional crest.  15% of the proceeds will benefit Sweet Briar


Beautiful handmade prints in bright colors for sale – and the great things is – 100% of the proceeds will go to Sweet Briar.


Maureen Baggett

I am donating 25% of my royalties from this book in 2015 to Saving Sweet Briar and 25% thereafter to the Sweet Briar endowment. It’s a nice conversation starter between you and your granddaughter.


From Heather Pigg

I just wanted to let you all know that I have Sweet Briar merchandise for sale in my Redbubble shop. A portion of the proceeds that I receive from the purchase of the items with the Vixen on them will go towards a donation to Saving Sweet Briar, Inc.
Here are the 2 designs I have currently, and if anyone has any ideas for more, I would love to hear them!


From Joan Dabney Clickner

We are now able to offer the Crispen Vixen (I like to call it the Victory Vixen) as sterling silver or 14K gold jewelry! Link to pendant is below, but we can also make a brooch, earrings, cuff, keychain, etc. 20% of proceeds will go to rebuilding Sweet Briar



Customized Coolers by Genny Kelley- 10% of proceeds go to Saving Sweet Briar


Buy your note cards, prints, gift cards designed by Katherine Orr and help save Sweet Briar.


Several fundraiser from Amy Campbell and the class of ’97

After such a success with cow tag #80 Amy Campbell is auctioning off cow tag #76 on Ebay. You have 7 more days to bid on this item.

Buy a commemorative key and tag for a student and for each key you purchase you have a chance to win cow tag 154.!/Commemorative-Key-&-Message-for-Student-s/p/51990525/category=13035041#!/Commemorative-Key-&-Message-for-Student-s/p/51990525/category=13035041

Donate $19.92 or more and receive this great sticker


Just send your receipt to Amy at

For more information check at


Posted by Jennifer Frost Holden

My friend and colleague, Laura Lenhert, is working on pottery again, so those of you who were interested may now contact her and place your orders. What a great way to commemorate 7/2/15! She can duplicate what she so graciously created for me, or, you can send her a photo of what you would like, and she can do that for you. I have had her do fraternity/sorority houses for my kids, houses, and even my daughter’s bridal bouquet as a wedding gift. She can also personalize on the back. Laura will make a contribution to SSB at a later date based on the number of orders that either reference my name, or SSB. I encourage you to reach out to Laura:
email Laura:


Platters (like below): $50
Square platters: $45
Round Ornaments: $15


From Katherine Morse

I am thrilled to say that I will Always make a 20% donation to Sweet Briar College from all sales in the gallery of Sweet Briar from







A Sweet Briar alumna needs our help!

Kaeden, the daughter of Gwendolyn Hickey Babcock ’95 was hospitalized in April for seizures that cause respiratory arrest and paralysis. She spent two weeks in the hospital – much of it in ICU – and was in two different hospitals. She was making progress but the seizures continued in June and caused her to be hospitalized again. She has been at Hershey’s Med in PA and now has been transferred to Kennedy Krieger in Baltimore for six weeks of rehab.

She is currently staying at the Ronald McDonald house.  However, as you all know medical bills will be outrageous even with a good insurance plan.

So please donate at

to help them with their medical bills.  Any amount is appreciated.

From Sarah – Thank you all in advance for your kindness and for generosity. I know first hand how difficult it is to be in a new city and hospital with a sick child. But I also know how incredibly important it is to feel the love of your Sweet Briar sisters!




Please vote for Lisa Aumiller a Sweet Briar alumna.  Lisa has the chance of becoming THE BEST VETERINARIAN and we all can help her.   You just have to vote once every day to help her.

Here are the details:

Sweet Briar Vixens!! Please take the time to review this and possibly vote…..I graduated Sweet Briar in 1996 and In case you dont know SBC has an amazing acceptance into veterinary schools. It is a total guerilla marketing move….but consider helping make a SBC grad America’s Favorite Veterinarian. If I win I will be a national spokesperson for the AVMF for 1 year AND SURE AS SHOOTIN’ I will parade Sweet Briar as‪#‎MyTopCollege

Intrigued? Here is the scoop! Thanks Ladies!

Please vote daily until September 1st and Please Share!

I was lucky enough to be nominated as 1 of the 20 vets for America’s Favorite Veterinarian by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation. This is the charitable arm of the AVMA. I am the only NJ vet, one of two mobile vets AND the ONLY Sweet Briar graduate (Holla Holla) . This would be great recognition for HousePaws Mobile Veterinary Service and all we do for the community. If I win I get to be the national spokesperson for the AVMF for one year AND I get bragging rights. This would be so huge if a mobile vet one! Please vote and share!!

‪#‎HomeIsWhereYourVetIs ‪#‎HousePawsRules ‪#‎DrLisaAllTheWay‪#‎SweetBriarCollege ‪#‎ThatsHowWeRoll


From Felicia Bernstein

Please vote for Rose’s Fund for Animals-(best charity) We won in 2012 and 2013- since we don’t spend money on ads we do rely on word of mouth. Thank you

The time to vote is now! The highly-anticipated Asbury Park Press’ annual Best of the Best competition is open for voting.

VOTE: Asbury Park Press Best of the Best contest

Roses Fund for Animals won in 2012 and 2013 and came in second 2014. Lets win in 2015

Click on ‘Charitable Organization’- write in or choose Roses fund for Animals

Thank you- please vote as often as you can

Best Of 2015 – Asbury Park Press


Calling all former Vixen ATHLETES!!! As part of 2.0 work – I am leading an effort to reach out to anyone that played a varsity sport(s) at Sweet Briar. We are looking to continue to collect history, photos, memories of your experiences as a student athlete. As well as try and engage you in the future of athletics at Sweet Briar through volunteering your skills in multiple areas.

Please PM me or e-mail me

with your info and interest in helping join our Vixen Alumnae Athletics team!!
Holla Holla,
Cathy Cummings Krolczyk’95


Our fellow alumna, Kim Cool, who is working on coffee book still needs your help.  Please send high quality photos AND comments of Sweet Briar, its history, and the events of the past months. Anyone who contributes will be credited in the book.  She is currently working on a coffee table book which she plans to sell for $25 with all proceeds going to restore Sweet Briar.

Kim is asking especially for some photos with the pink dogwoods in bloom, some from Monument Hill of the campus, and some of a May Day weekend with the hoop skirts, etc.

Please send high resolution color photos of SBC any era and any majors or activities to

100 percent of proceeds to SBC…I want as many alumnae involved as possible because that is what it took to save Sweet Briar and we want the world to know how special we are.  Everyone who contributes photos or comments will be credited.  Please help…Books are my business and I want this to be the best of all because it is for Sweet Briar.

Kim Cool 1962


Anna ten Bensel

Hey y’all! My few remaining crew are helping me with the rest of this documentary but we still need help! Since we are planning a box office release, we really need help funding it! Please just spread the word!! We have less than a month to ensure we hit every deadline!! Thanks to our SBC connections, we have been able to secure screens internationally for a 6 week run starting January 1, 2016 (right when seniors are looking at colleges ;D)! I’d really like all the money the film makes to go right back into Sweet Briar for future students and staff! With that being said, we still have a TON of money to raise and only 30 days to do it – so share the links, spread the love and let the show begin!!

Any questions, comments and suggestions – please feel free to direct them my way!

Interested in volunteering? Join our Facebook group The Sweet Life Documentary – crew and friends!



Welcome to The Vixen Den run by a team of committed alumnae called The Vixen Task Force. Our mission is to spread love and happiness on the Sweet Briar College campus to students and the entire community. We plan general campus happiness activities and promote school spirit at athletic events. Campus happiness can take several forms: food trucks, care packages, community building, dorm deliveries and for athletic events…”vixen treats”.

Donation info Donation info  to



Please vote for Meg E. Bespoke’s business. 

Please VOTE, AGAIN! Every 24 hours until August 7th! The Top 10 Small Businesses with the most votes will be announced then! ‪#‎MegEBespoke‬


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