Vixen Watch Breaking News Bulletin

Dear Sweet Briar Community, 

Vixen Watch is a weekly news blog published on Saturdays.  In addition occasional breaking news bulletins will be send out to keep you informed on news about Sweet Briar. 


 Congratulations to seven very well deserving alumnae who will be honored with the Distinguished Alumnae Award during this year’s reunion

Distinguished Alumnae Award Recipients
At its meeting on January 5, 2016, the Sweet Briar College Alumnae Alliance Council voted on the Distinguished Alumna Award recipient for 2016. Breaking with tradition, the Council voted to give the award to not one, but seven Sweet Briar alumnae: The seven women of the Board of Directors of Saving Sweet Briar, Inc.

The Distinguished Alumna Award honors alumnae who have brought distinction to themselves and to Sweet Briar College through outstanding accomplishment in a volunteer or professional capacity. These seven women made careers out of their volunteer efforts to save Sweet Briar in 2015; to honor them collectively with this award is a small gesture of gratitude in comparison with their tremendous dedication, passion and ultimate success in the preservation of the Sweet Briar College we all know and love.

Sarah Preston Clement ’75, Christine Davis Boulware ’77, Sally Mott Freeman ’76, Jo Ann Soderquist Kramer ’64, Ellen Ober Pitera ’93, Tracy Anne Stuart ’93, and Brooke Linville ’04 will be honored during Reunion weekend, June 3-5, 2016. Please applaud their special leadership!

Sweet Briar named 2016 BRAID Affiliate



Vixen Watch Breaking News Bulletin

2 thoughts on “Vixen Watch Breaking News Bulletin

  1. Alice Dixon says:


    I JUST discovered this! WOW! What a fabulous resource…thank you for undertaking this…it is a HUGE service to the community!

    XXOO, Alice


    1. Thanks for the feedback, Alice. Vixen Watch started out as a daily email service to the Florida alumnae who were not on Facebook to keep them in the loop on Sweet Briar news. Last summer I discovered WordPress which is way more efficient and can reach even more alumnae. 🙂
      Have a great weekend. Moni


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