Vixen Watch for February 6, 2016


Below please find your weekend read which includes articles and news related to Sweet Briar College, Liberal Arts, STEM, and more.  

Sweet Briar College has redesigned its website.  Check it out –  I am sure you will like it.

A GRANT was given to Sweet Briar to bolster its environmental programs. Check out the ‘Sweet Briar News’ section.

Would you like to return to Sweet Briar as a student?  Now you can take courses on campus if you are working on your MAT and M.ed.   You can find more information in the ‘Sweet Briar News’ section.


The Sweet Briar swim team  has another big swim meet next week February 12 though 14 at the Greensboro Aquatic Center in Greensboro, NC.  If you are in the area please go, cheer and support them. More info in the ‘Sweet Briar News’ section.


The section ‘Vixens Helping Vixens’ is back. It is towards the end this edition.  Please don’t skip it.


Last but not least Sara Rothamel received an email from her SBC Bio Professor, Dr. Linda Fink, who told her that a SALAMANDER she tagged 8 years ago was recaptured.   A sign that not only alumnae like to come back to Sweet Briar.  😉

And as always, if you have anything you would like to have posted on Vixen Watch, please post your request in the comment section. 


If you didn’t have the chance to watch the town hall meeting live yesterday afternoon, can either go to

or watch it here.

Sweet Briar leaders field questions at town hall meeting


SBC president, chairwoman take questions at town hall meeting




Sweet Briar announces new director of media,  marketing and communication

Sweet Briar students debate ‘Ethics and Civic Responsibility’

SBC-inspired art is up for auction in Montana

ATTENTION SBC ALUMNAE: We want you to come back to SBC and work on your MAT or your M.Ed.!!
Campus housing may be available to alumnae coming back to work on their graduate degree!! Also, at only $355 per credit hour, both our MAT (30 credit hours-1 year) and M.Ed. (33 credit hours-2 years) programs are competitively priced. For more information, and to apply, please go to our convenient online application:
Applications for MAT candidates will be accepted until March 1st, applications for M.Ed. candidates will be accepted until April 30th. For all other information, contact Shannon Beasley, Director of Graduate or Jim Alouf, Professor of Education,

SBC history class travels to Europe this summer

Sweet Briar College offers Engineering camps for high school students in March ’16 and July ’16.  Students need to sign up early to ensure a spot.

Feb. 17: PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) hosts ‘Saving Sweet Briar’ lunch meeting

The Virginia college that nearly imploded last year received a surge of applications

Two Sweet Briar seniors stage their own story


Sweet Briar Business class is selling roses for Valentine’s Day.  Proceeds will go to RAINN (Rape Abuse and Incest National Network). To order go to

If you are in the Greensboro, NC area, please stop by the Aquatics Center on February 12 through 14 and cheer on the Sweet Briar swim team.

Board Meeting – Friday, February 5, 2016

Photos courtesy of Alice Dixon


Sweet Briar Day at the Potomack Company (thank you Elizabeth Wainstein) with Greater Washington, Northern Virginia, Hunt Country and Maryland alumnae. Alice Dixon, Debra Elkins and Katie Maxwell Schellhammer gave a great update. The DC Steering Committee arranged great food, drink and fun. So lovely to be surrounded by art.Susan Spurrell


Sarah P. Clement (c) and Stacey Sickels Locke (r)12670471_10153851648331904_2074708848965982481_n12509007_10153851661876904_4168224078307578552_n12417988_10153851647911904_2879170459453118972_n

Alice Dixen (l) and Debra Elkins (r)


The Alumae Allicance would like to remind you that the Elston Inn will make a great venue for your next family reunion, corporate meeting, weekend getaway, or wedding.

The Alumnae Alliance is requesting that all alumnae sign up on Alumnifire.  Alumnifire is an alumni run social media platform to share and connect.

Below are instructions on how to connect and articles with more information on Alumnifire.

Getting started with Alumnifire



Submitted by Deirdre Conley and Joann Kramer

This high school spawned $2.5 billion worth of startup founders

Submitted by Deirdre Conley and Joann Kramer

George Washington University ditched the SAT and applications soared

Posted on linkedin by Chris Svoboda:
Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire Explains What Winning Is All About
At age 31, Elizabeth Holmes is the world’s youngest self-made female billionaire at $4.5B. Her uncle’s death from cancer moved her to develop a way to detect diseases earlier. She dropped out of Stanford and founded Theranos in 2003 to make cheaper, easier-to-use blood tests. With a virtually painless prick of the finger, her labs can quickly run a multitude of tests at a fraction of the price of commercial labs. “When you have passion, you will not back up when you get knocked down –and you will get knocked down – over and over again. That’s what winning is all about.”

Submitted by Deirdre Conley

Can Elizabeth Holmes Save Her Unicorn?

Submitted by Deirdre Conley

I’m a woman in tech but even I didn’t ‘Get It’ until this week


Why kids – now more than ever – need to learn philosophy! Yes, Philosophy!

Letter: The study of foreign languages heart of a liberal arts education

There’s a lot we’re not learning when we try to learn online

Bevin pushes for engineers over liberal arts scholars

Tom Eblen: Higher education is more than just ‘workforce development’

MSU president dismayed by Bevin proposal

Bevin’s funding plan criticized

Bevin shows no love to A&S students

A Not-So-New Deal for Higher Ed

Four classes that show the value of the liberal arts

Online education topic for Flagler community lecture series

REPORT: Students clueless about American government, history

Do Prestigious Colleges Pay Off? It Depends On The Major

Education proposals the opposite of ‘workforce needs’

Florida’s Rick Scott proposed charging higher tuition rates to liberal arts majors…

Hardly Anyone Wants to Take a Liberal Arts MOOC

Liberal arts vital

Comment | Liberal arts and tomorrow’s workforce

The Great Lesson in Liberal Arts: What We can all Takeaway

Liberal arts in the UK: how are students finding the model?

Engstrom announces plan to strengthen liberal arts, recruitment at Mid-Year Update

THE MENA Summit: Call for liberal arts revival in Arab world

Former Twitter CEO talks importance of liberal arts

In Defense of Small Things

A case for the liberal arts

Committee plans new curriculum

Partnership aims to provide students with real world business exposure

$10 million gift for tech initiative brings De Pauw  to 85% of $300 million goal

The Advantage of a Liberal Arts Living Space

Hacking a Liberal Arts Education


Universities to blame for the maths crisis among high school students

Explorit: Insects inspire young engineers at Science Action Club

New club focuses on gender gap in technology

Tech Women Triumph: Increasing Numbers, Supporting Girls’ Education, Transforming The World

Black History Month: Then and Now in STEM

This Company Is Making It Cool For Girls to Become Coders

TAMU committed to bring more women to STEM careers

Why is the pipeline leaking? Experiences of young women in STEM vocational education and training and their adjustment strategies

Women should worry less about not having tech background when going into Stem

Kids should have a chance to learn to code

Group Offers Encouragement, Support to Women in STEM

Solving the STEM conundrum: how to bridge the skills shortage

Professor sets example as a woman in STEM fields

Covestro launches i3 STEM in Pittsburgh with its first Greenlight for Girls Day

AAUW of Texas, TTU STEM Center to Host Dynamic Math and Science Conference for Girls

Girls And Coding – Seeing What The Future Can Be

VTC initiative aims to get more women in STEM fields

Leading more women towards STEM careers

Fixing The Gender Gap in IT

‘On-ramping’ paves the way for women scientists, engineers to return to academia

As Calls Grow for More Women in STEM Fields, Sexual Harassment Complaints Increase

Five Students Pave the Way for Women in STEM and Earn $20K in Tech

WorldMatters: Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math

Women in STEM empower students at Mt. Hood

‘Teaching for America’: Galindo will speak in Washington at summit

Plugging the pipeline to advance women in STEM

If Technology Is a Labour of Love, why so Few Female Tech Execs?

Author Valerie Young presents ‘Impostor Syndrome’ at OU

Girls Who Code: First summer immersion program coming to Atlanta


North state educator meet for STEM workshop


Australia’s new Chief Scientist speaks on techno-optimism, renewable energy, and encouraging STEM


Apr 16 – 17: USA Science & Engineering Festival promotes STEM with 3,000 Hands – on Activities, Shows, and Science Celebs





Take Students on a Journey of Creative Discovery with STEAM

Full STEAM Ahead: Why Arts Are Essential in a STEM Education

SGS experiences STEAM Surge

STEAM Fair winners in Intel contest

Concordia U. Portland Honors Education Leaders, Promotes STEAM

District picks up STEAM, expands project-based program



WT, A&M partner on vet school pipeline

Notre Dame responds to Harvard education report

Study reveals stark contrast in trust of recruiters by region

Colleges adapt new strategies to get students

Colleges adapt new strategies to get students

Nation’s prominent public universities are shifting to out-of-state students

ISU aiming for more international diversity

Applicants could use fresh approach to college rankings

Editorial: students should support tuition freeze

U.Va. receives record number of Early Action minority applicants

Beyond the Business School Model

Open house for prospective business and accounting graduate students

Major public universities ranked on shift toward out-of-state students

When are you officially committed?

College Career Network Handshake Secures $10.5 Million in Series A Funding from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers (KPCB)


Invited to England – English universities increase their recruiting of European Union students

The Syllabus: HBCUs are recruiting in Greensboro

With poor job prospects for Chinese students, is it still worth investing in a US education?

UC expands its recruiting efforts targeting black and Latino students

Need to attract and retain foreign students

How this university is working to get more women of color into technology jobs

Are International Students in the Classroom a Win-Win?

Education revenue soars to become Australia’s $20 billion export

Lawmaker criticizes ND higher ed for waiving tuition for international students


Walker vs. Legislators: Addressing student loan debt crisis

Fattah Highlights New GEAR UP Funding in FY 16 Omnibus Bill

Blinn College – Brenham Receiving Nearly $900,000 In Training Grants

WPI Awarded Clare Boothe Luce Research Scholar Award

College Plans to Revitalize Teaching with Mellon Grant

Guest Commentary: Don’t make college free – Increase need-based aid


INTAD students and grads hone skills for international workplace

Former Penn State extension employee creates scholarship for the College of Agricultural Sciences


Poet Wendell Berry bequeaths farming legacy to small Catholic college


Students learn urban farming with new MESA Community College degree



Girls thrive in single-sex schools – and at last there’s proof—and-at-last-theres-proof/

Mount A students speak out against potential cuts to women and gender studies program

Tech hosts Women in Higher Education Conference

On board: how universities are leading the way for female leadership

Ethiopia: Empowering Women Through Education

Are American Haredi Women Leaning In?

Women Outnumber Men in Higher Education Classrooms in Shandong

Institutions, When Will You Open Your Doors?

Liberty and equality in education, health and wealth

Young men miss out as university gender gap remains at record levels

Business schools ‘must challenge leader stereotypes’

Demystifying the gender gap — Researchers explore why more women go to college than men


All-male Hampden Sydney starts projects but not looking to grow

Watch – Wellesley students endorse Bernie Sanders

Wesleyan Receives Record Number of Applications for Class of 2020

After taking on long lines, Tapingo starts food delivery service

Student diversity increased by 13 percent at OU’s education college


Industry-backed PhD students ‘not staying in private sector’

Fraternity to begin recruiting after suspension

UCLA must aggresively recruit more diverse faculty

Department of Defense Lifts Ban on Tuition Assistance for University of Phoenix, But The Institution Still Faces Issues

Navitas and WKU end their partnership

U.S. lags behind in many areas of higher ed

Presidents of Small Colleges Bank on Fund Raising to Survive

Diversity work is never done, panel says

They took the test but into a selective college without sending scores









Positive thoughts, prayers, and hugs are needed for Gwendolyn Hickey Babcock ’95 and her daughter Kaeden who is suffering from an undiagnosed brain disorder that triggers seizures often leading to respiratory arrest.  You may also donate to help out with the medical costs.

From John Edward Ashbrook in regards to his history class traveling to Europe this summer.

Hello everyone. I have some current students who want to attend my summer abroad course on the world wars and the Holocaust. We will be visiting battlefields in France, Belgium, Italy, and Poland, and Dachau, Majdanek, and Auschwitz between June 6 and July 3. The problem is lack of funding. I suggested they speak with the financial aid office first. But if they cannot get funding in that way, does anyone in this group have suggestions about how they could raise the money by March 10 or so? The trip per student is $3000. Airfare is separate but running about $1200. SBC alumna and friends pay $3500. Any ideas or advice is much appreciated! Thanks, John Ashbrook, SBC HISTORY



Kari Shipley ’76 has a request to all alumnae:  Next time you buy water in bottles consider saving the bottle caps for CAPS OF LOVE, an American charity that funds children’s wheelchairs.  Please remember that the bottle caps must be separated by grade. Thank you!

Vixen Watch for February 6, 2016

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