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Welcome to another edition of Vixen Watch which includes news and articles on Sweet Briar College, Liberal Arts, STEM, STEAM, College Finance, and more.

It has come to the attention of several alumnae that students feel bullied by a handful of alumnae through Facebook.  Prospective students who have joined several SBC Facebook pages which are NOT administered by the College are now shying away from the tone and dialogue displayed on these pages.  Anyone should know that this is, of course, counter- productive and will not help us convince prospective students to enroll in Sweet Briar. Sweet Briar College is still very much in the news.  Other colleges are looking up to us for what we, the alumnae, have done to save our alma mater. At this point we cannot allow ourselves to show any discord and must remain civil to each other. 

Congratulations are in order to Sweet Briar alumna Jill Steenhuis.  Her painting ‘Starry Night in Paris’ was selected for the cover of Art Galleries & Artists of the South. Read more about it in the ‘Sweet Briar News’section.

Two alumnae need your help.  

Sarah Betz Bucciero is asking alumnae to help fund the SBC scholarship in her son Carter’s honor and Anne Meyer is hoping to fund her trip to Europe as part of a history study program offered through Sweet Briar. Please scroll down to the ‘Vixens Helping Vixens’ section at the bottom of this edition for more information and please help them if you can.  Every little bit helps.   

There will be a number of celebrations on March 3. Please scroll down to the ‘Events’ section to see whether your area club is celebrating the event.  

Sweet Briar College will, of course, have festivities on March 3rd as well. More information on that is in the ‘Sweet Briar News’ section.

If you would like to have anything added to Vixen Watch or if you would like me to post an event, please sent your request to the comment box. 


Kirsten Garcia ’16 is requesting that Chemistry/BMB alumnae fill out the questionnaire in order to update their map.


Sweet Briar alumna Brooke Linville honored as one of Idaho’s women of the year 2016


Sweet Briar alumna Jill Steenhuis’ painting ‘Starry Night in Paris’ was selected for the cover of Art Galleries & Artists of the South

Sweet Briar students have resurrected the campus newspaper.  It is currently online

Former NASA Astronaut Kathryn Thornton to Speak at Sweet Briar College for Wylie Program Engineer’s Dinner

Checking up..High -Scoring Hoopsters and Top Profs

Sweet Briar honors Black History Month with Gospel Fest

Business briefs for Feb.22, 2016

Civil rights exhibit opens at Sweet Briar

Renowned Native American Hoop Dancer Comes to Sweet Briar


Want to reunite with your college friends?  Try this new app

Sexual violence expert shares story at SBC

Sweet Briar College reflects, refocuses on anniversary

Sweet Briar to mark anniversary of closure announcement

Video: Sweet Briar picks up the pieces

09 grad co-authors journal’s 2015 outstanding paper

Five things to know about financial aid

Sweet Briar steps up academic outreach

A message from President Stone in regards to March 3 celebrations

Dear Sweet Briar faculty, staff and students,

To commemorate the first anniversary of the closing announcement, all faculty, staff and students are invited to a private service of reflection and renewal at 11 a.m. Thursday, March 3, in Memorial Chapel.

Immediately following the service, there will be a ceremonial planting and dedication of a new Sweet Briar Rose Garden, between Gray and Pannell. The tower bells will ring at approximately 11:50, after which the community is invited to a celebratory lunch in Prothro. Alumnae are invited to join in the outdoor ceremonies and lunch at Prothro.

March 3 also has been designated a Day of Giving — an extra push toward the Next is Now campaign to raise $30 million by June 30 for the Sweet Briar Fund, the College’s annual giving fund. Everyone’s help is needed to reach this important goal. For more information, please see the Next is Now brochure. Click here to donate to the Sweet Briar Fund.

The College community also is celebrating Sweet Briar Forever Month throughout March with a series of events and observances to reflect on what we have endured, but more importantly, to look forward to a bright future. To help create some buzz, all are encouraged to post favorite Sweet Briar photos to social media using the hashtag #SweetBriarForever.

More information on Sweet Briar Forever Month happenings is available here.

Phillip C. Stone


Sweet Briar College


Posted on Facebook by Brooke Linville

I know lots of questions have been posted about Next is Now. If you didn’t get a mailer, there is a link in the graphic to see the full Case for Support. This helps show the path to sustainability and projected revenue sources.

To make a gift to Sweet Briar

To view full case for support

next is now

Posted on Facebook by Jo Ann Kramer

Words of wisdom …. Nurturing alumnae … to the end of keeping them connected… not to the end of having them give. If the former is done well, the latter results.

Posted on Facebook by Anne Bostain Legum

3 Leadership strategies I learned by being the only woman in the room

Posted on Facebook by Elena Quevedo
Don’t Turn Away From The Art Of Life

Posted on Facebook by Christina Hoy
International programs receive $1 million boost from Carole and Marcus Weinstein


Teachers are using theatre and dance to teach math – and it’s working–and-its-working/2016/02/22/61f8dc0c-d68b-11e5-b195-2e29a4e13425_story.html

Computer science as liberal arts ‘enabler’

Recent research highlights the benefits of a liberal arts education

Examining the ‘useless liberal arts major’ myth

The debate over cutting liberal arts funding in favor of STEM

STEM and humanities should go hand in hand

Understand STEM’s potential to include humanities and the arts


Tom Eblen- Business leaders passionate in defense of liberal arts education


Can America’s colleges teach civility outside the classroom?


Ethics – The means and ends of liberal arts education–the-means-and-end_b_9292726.html


Liberal arts researcher uses technology to tell civil rights icon’s story


Liberal arts hoping to attract more students by offering certificate


Recent research highlights the benefits of a liberal arts education


How a liberal arts school drew in a big environmental gift


Liberal arts and computer science hand in hand


Liberal arts – education to combat global citizenship and community engagement

Degrees of separation

A liberal education

Computer Science integrated into the liberal arts





A rising call to promote STEM education and cut Liberal Arts funding

Women’s association offers STEM conference for eighth grade girls

‘Linkedln for students’ pairs with state firms to launch STEM initiative

Does Australia’s STEM problem start at the top?,8699

JCC Sledding ‘Snow’ Down teaches STEM lessons

Clemson program shows places for girls in STEM careers

Opinion – STEM skills aren’t just for STEM jobs

St. Louis’ STEM effort inspire kids with thought of flight

How can we encourage more young people to study STEM subjects and pursue  careers in electronics and technology

Organizations advocate for women in STEM

Students, faculty discuss women in STEM

Why successful STEM innovators aren’t really like Silicon Valley titans

Lee College awarded $750 K from Educate Texas for STEM degree accelerator project

Understand STEM’s potential to include humanities and the arts

Haris Corporation to promote STEM education and showcase innovative technologies at Florida’s capital

Organizations advocate for women in STEM

Humanities and science unite in West Essex

Honoring mentors for women in STEM

Unconscious bias in STEM poses challenges in female scientists


Escalating gender bias can attract women into STEM


Gender bias in the classroom is pushing women out of STEM programs


Can you brain type explain the gender gap in STEM subjects and careers


Ahead of the class, behind in the field


Men undervalue how smart their female classmates are, and overvalue their male peer


Girls, start your robots as Trafalgar Castle School works on closing the science gender gap

The world’s largest data company is tackling ‘the war on talent”

Girls – where are they?  The lack of women in STEM fields

How ‘The Sims’ and Amy Poehler are helping close the STEM gender gab.

Google women in STEM – Internet security team

Girls and STEM why so much chatter

Engineering events focus on women, girls

Tomorrow’s STEM and Data Leaders – breaking the gender barrier

Kettering University graduate and NASA engineer encourages women to pursue STEM passion

Our nation’s need for “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”

Young women learn that not even sky is limit in STEM careers

21 inspiring tech leaders with one great thing in common

Rebecca Minkow to visit  college  campuses, hosts hackathon

Where are the mothers in academic science?

Inspiring girls to explore STEM: Celebrating engineers week & Girl Day

Messengers for success

5 success stories to show girls the power of engineering

Women should also be driving the STEM economy

Bridging the gap – Raytheon’s ‘Girl Day’  encourages females to pursue STEM

Girl Code – The Case For Women in Engineering

National Science Foundation Launches Million- Dollar Initiative To Improve Diversity in STEM

A rising call to promote STEM education and cut Liberal Arts funding

Under secretary Ted Mitchell to encourage diversity in STEM fields



National Science Foundation launches million dollar initiative to improve diversity in STEM


WiCipedia: Lessons Learned from DC to Dubai


Ambassador Russel announces new APEC initiative to advance women and girls in STEM fields

Science contest to get girls interested in STEM award first prize to …….a boy






Aspen Science Center STEAM room opens at Crystal Palace

STEM gets steamy


University communications explores new avenues for student recruitment

5 best practices for recruiting students with disabilities


10 tips for recruiting diverse students




How low income students are fitting in at elite colleges

Pell grants go unclaimed

College students fear the worst as Illinois budget crisis wipes out higher education funding, MAP grants

STudents rally in Frankfort against Bevin’s cuts to higher education


Slovik – college students should sue the state of MAP grants


Union FFA alumni to celebrate FFA week

UMR’s refined recruitment pays off

Harvard admissions report recommends changes already found a catholic colleges

Despite current deficit, Taylor projects positive change with 2020 plan

NMSU’s fall applications increase by double – digits for second consecutive year

College’s hunt for students come to 41st

At Hampshire College sustainability efforts reach new level

Ithaca College Solar Project Frequently Asked Questions

Solar panels to meet 10 percent of Ithaca College’s energy needs’

The 25 best colleges for students who want to change the world

Conference addresses sustainability on campus


Persistent gender bias exists in college classrooms, study finds

In Memoriam – Joann Cohoon, advocate for women in computing and IT


Afghan girls mourn lost education


Sister Act

Women in politics: College edition – Stanford University


UNH Historian Pens Book on Women’s Quest for the American Presidency

In college endowment returns, David beats Goliaths

Equestrian club takes stereotypes by the reins

Bevin education losers – women, blacks


7 badass women you didn’t learn about in history class



Where the boys aren’t – A look at the ration of males to females on campus


The New York Times features university with LDS ties in article about college endowments



If you live in South Florida or just visit the Sunshine State, please stop by Morton’s Steakhouse in Boca Raton for Happy Hour on March 3, 2016 between 4:45 PM and 6:30 PM  to commemorate the anniversary of the day we all became activists to save Sweet Briar College.  

The Small Bites Menu offers items for around $7.  Specially priced drinks are offered during Happy Hour.  

Morton’s Steakhouse is located at 5050 Town Center Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33486.  

Valet parking is available for $3 and free parking is available in front of the restaurant or in the parking garage around the back of the shopping mall. 

Please RSVP by February 29

On Thursday next week we will mark the one year anniversary of the fight to Save Sweet Briar. Join us as we mark that day with bell ringing and giving to continue our work in saving the college. Indiana Fletcher Williams left a legacy in Sweet Briar College, and we continue to carry the responsibility to protect that commitment to women’s education.








Sarah Betz Bucciero needs your help to fund the SBC scholarship in memory of her son Carter.

“Carter’s Scholarship Update: I officially learned today that there is approximately $20k in the scholarship and so I need to raise about $30k more to have it endowed at the $50k level. This scholarship will go to any student directly impacted by cancer (self, sibling, or parent). I will be donating all of my commissions from Rodan and Fields sales this year to the scholarship”

You can help Sarah by purchasing Rodan and Fields items from her.

Anne Meyer needs your help to fund an educational trip through Europe as part of a history travel program offered by Sweet Briar.  Please click on the link below for more information on this amazing opportunity for Anne.

Positive thoughts, prayers, and hugs are needed for Gwendolyn Hickey Babcock ’95 and her daughter Kaeden who is suffering from an undiagnosed brain disorder that triggers seizures often leading to respiratory arrest.  You may also donate to help out with the medical costs.

From John Edward Ashbrook in regards to his history class traveling to Europe this summer.

Hello everyone. I have some current students who want to attend my summer abroad course on the world wars and the Holocaust. We will be visiting battlefields in France, Belgium, Italy, and Poland, and Dachau, Majdanek, and Auschwitz between June 6 and July 3. The problem is lack of funding. I suggested they speak with the financial aid office first. But if they cannot get funding in that way, does anyone in this group have suggestions about how they could raise the money by March 10 or so? The trip per student is $3000. Airfare is separate but running about $1200. SBC alumna and friends pay $3500. Any ideas or advice is much appreciated! Thanks, John Ashbrook, SBC HISTORY


Kari Shipley ’76 has a request to all alumnae:  Next time you buy water in bottles consider saving the bottle caps for CAPS OF LOVE, an American charity that funds children’s wheelchairs.  Please remember that the bottle caps must be separated by grade. Thank you!


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  1. Nancy Wright says:

    Monika- have asked Donna Dodd to email you copy of Helen Lane’s invitation for Jacksonville event regarding the March 3rd celebration. Jacksonville alums will be celebrating at Helen’s on March 7th.


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